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Give The Best Makeover To Your Home With The Right Choice Of Color

Painting a house is truly an art of creativity, aesthetics and architectural know-how. Using the colors and design patterns efficiently to enhance the beauty of a room requires lots of imagination and creative thinking. Nowadays the traditional trend of using single, neutral colors for painting homes have been taken over with more experimental and loud choices by people. With changing architectural designing involving open kitchen, studio apartments etc., it is through the color patterns used that we can define specific areas.
To get the astonishing result, there are some tricks which can be played with color patterns used.
• Deciding the color theme based on the architectural structure of the room. By contrasting or highlighting the inbuilt structures like window, door, staircase, decoration shelves with a different color than walls, enhances the overall look. Depending upon the personal choice of color between bright or subtle, one can finalize the combination.
• Choose the color keeping in mind long-term associating with it – Since painting a house is an expensive exercise, one should choose the color with which, one can live for long. Sometimes in excitement, we tend to get too experimental and get the room painted with contrasting color. But soon we tend to get bored with it, and this impacts our overall mood. Also, the other furnishing items like curtains and furniture tapestry, fabrics etc. are coordinated to the special color themes of walls, hence changing it all over again can get very costly.
• Get an idea about the trending designs and patterns which are in fashion through interior decoration sites and journal to stay in sync with to the prevailing styles.
Some of the mistakes which we should avoid are:
• Not adaptive to change: We sometimes tend to refuse to get out of our comfort zones, and we get so used to a particular setup that we get rigid for a change. But as it is said that changes are significant, we should also try new things, starting up from as basic as choosing new color pattern for our house
• Avoid using too much color: An excess of anything is harmful, and the same implies to painting a room as well. If there are too much contrast and bright color usage, it will pitch the eyes and would not give a very pleasant feel. Hence the right combination of the color pattern should be chosen.
• Putting very dull color on walls- It’s a designing principle that the color of the walls contributes the major part of the overall appearance of the room, as compared to the furnishing and other decorative items. If we choose to paint the walls with a very dull shade, in contrast to the color theme of rest of the setup, then it will deface the overall look of the house. Hence the balance should be maintained in the color coordination.
• Hurrying up the process- Painting a house is a time-consuming job and requires a lot of patience to achieve perfection. One should finalize upon the shade and design pattern of the walls after reviewing all the options and doing sample test carefully.
Certainly, there are some technicalities involved, and therefore it is advisable to take professional assistance from painting companies to get your house the best makeover which you desire.

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