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Pick The Best Paint To Color Your Dream Home.

Colors play a very significant role in our lives. A buzzing phenomenon now-a-day is ‘color psychology’. The choice of color we have, represent our personality and physiological state of mind. Usually, people who are very positive and fun loving, tend to opt for vibrant, bright, contrasting colors. Whereas people with simple and subtle personalities go for pastel, soothing colors. Usually, grey and blacks are associated with negative and dull mindset.
It has a direct relation to our mood. The color patterns we use in our surroundings, right from what we wear to the color theme of walls and furnishing of our home, affects our mood drastically. The colorful surroundings give energy and positivity which shows in our lifestyle and work. Hence, it’s essential to carefully choose the color designs for our house as well as the workplace. Also, the textures, chemical compositions, durability are other necessary criteria to look into before finalizing anything.
Considerations while choosing the right paint are:
1. Type of paint to be used- Usually, there are two types of textures, oil, and latex. Latex based is durable, easy to clean, absorbs moisture better than oil hence avoids blistering and fade resistant. These are good for concrete walls. Oil-based paints are prepared choice for wooden moulds but take a little longer than latex to dry.
2. The sheen of the paint-The glossier sheen paint is very easy to clean hence an ideal choice for children room, play area. Semi-gloss sheen paints are usually used in kitchens and bathroom; these are comparatively cheaper and also easy to maintain. Matte sheen paint is used for covering up major imperfections. These are the cheapest of all and require a lot of maintenance. Hence unless there is some major renovation done on walls, these paints should be avoided.
3. Color patterns – Color plays a significant role in the overall appearance as well as the feel of the room. There are various shade cards available with the paint shops to choose from, depending upon the personal choices, the architecture of the rooms, the theme of interior decoration, the purpose of the room, color schemes should be decided. Some of the examples may include, one can choose bright, contrasting, vibrant shades like shades of red, pink, for the children room. Cool colors like blues, purples make the room look bigger than the actual size, pastel colors give a soothing feel to the room. Choosing the color patterns is better if you are going to reside in the property yourself, in case you intend to sell or rent out, off-whites, creams are the right choice, since these are neutral shades.
4. Enhance the beauty of the special points of architectural design- Before starting up a painting work, we should identify the areas in the room which we want to stand out in appearance. By using contrasting color combinations, or highlighting these areas through light effect makes the overall look of the room visually appealing.
The painting industry has also evolved over the years, and now designing firms offer expertized consultation and professional assistance for painting job of your property. Depending upon your personal choice and technicalities of the architecture of the house, these team of professionals helps you choose the right color pattern, and with the help of their trained team, the painting job becomes hassle free, less cumbersome and perfectly beautiful in appearance.